Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Passing of a Legend

I heard today about the passing of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. Another legend has passed into history. I still have my first copy of her book, The Wolf and The Dove, on my book shelf, tightly pressed between others to keep the covers in place because I've read it so much that I've worn them off.

When I first started writing it was because of Kathleen Woodiwiss and LaVyrle Spencer. I wanted to write a romance that touched people in the same way their books touched my teenage soul. I loved the eloquence that they wrote with and the emotion they managed to instill in the written word. They gave me a deep love of romance that is still with me 23 years later.

Words can never say how much I admire someone like Ms. Woodiwiss, who managed to write for all of these years, and kept her fans reading until the end.

I extend my deepest sympathy to the entire Woodiwiss family.


Gillian said...

Beautifully stated, Terry Jo. I hope it is a comfort to the family to think of all the unnamed masses who adore her work.

Kelly Krysten said...

Oh, that's so sad. She really inspired so many people and shaped a genre. Her family will definitely be in my prayers.

doglady said...

Beautifully expressed, Terry Jo, as always. My original copy of THE WOLF AND THE DOVE is wrapped in rubber bands to preserve it. I have what I call my "reading" copy on the shelf. In all these years her style has remained lush and utterly romantic. Her son posted that her last book was finished and that they hope to have it published. I am torn. I want to read it, but how sad it will be to read that last page and know there will be no more.

Marianne Harden said...

I, too, am sadden by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss's passing. Another legend leaves us. So sad, and even more heart wrenching is that her last years were marred by the premature death of her son. No parent should have to suffer the loss of child, especially not a woman who has brough so much joy to others.

Goodbye, Kathleen. Safe journey.