Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Wonderland?

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening


In the lane snow is glistening


A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight


Walking in a winter wonderland

When it snows, ain't it thrillin

Though your nose gets a chillin

We'll frolic and play, the Eskimo way

Walking in a winter wonderland

And yes, I skipped through the lyrics because it was flipping cold outside!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rocking Around the Hurricanes

Welcome if you're from Between Naps on the Porch!

I am loving me some hurricanes for this holiday season. When I saw a fabulous post on another blog highlighting how to make one-I had to give it a try.

I set my goals a little loftier than I should have when my daughter and I were at Micheal's and I saw one on sale for $7. I promptly informed her that I could make one cheaper. She promptly informed me that I was insane. WELL, who's laughing now? Me, that's who!

See that little hurricane with the beads and the amber ornament inside? The one with the big arrow pointed at it? It was $1 on clearance at Home Goods-the only thing I could find wrong with it was it needed washed. I kid you not!

See that silver plated candle stick? Same story-$1 at Home Goods but look as I might, I have yet to find anything wrong with it. I meant for the hurricane to go on this candlestick. I brought them home, scrubbed them clean, and hot glued them together.


Yeah, good thing I've got Mommy-hands and managed to catch that sucker before it came into contact with the floor. So I temporarily separated them by sitting them side by side while my pulse settled back to normal-beside my apothecary jars.

And then, while at Walmart craft section picking up some E6000 epoxy (because I was sure that I wasn't using hot glue again), I noticed this:

That huge hurricane globe was $3!! See the candlestick it sets on? $2 out of Wally's candle section. Made for each other, no? The slender taper holder in the middle? $1.

There you go.

For $8 I got a hurricane three times the size of Micheal's $7 one. For $1 and an apothecary jar I already had, I got a hurricane twice the size as Micheal's $7 one. For a buck, I got one the same size as Micheal's $7.

Pretty good, no?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

What I've Been Up To

A big welcome if you're joining us from Donna's fabulous Saturday Nite Special. Don't forget to check out everyone else's wonderful entries.

Hello all! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday. Mine was really great. And we followed it up with a quick shopping trip on Black Friday (night-not morning) and a great dinner out to celebrate my eldest's birthday. This entire week has taken me back to 1992 and my week long labor to bring him into this world. The dates and days were the same as back then and the entire week I would think "This time 17 years ago-I thought I was dying". Much easier to celebrate now with the distance of time.

Of course, I took time between memories to make a Thanksgiving dinner.We celebrated with my mom and my sister's family. My brother's family couldn't make it as they've all come down with the H1N1 virus. I feel for them, my house went through a bout of it and it's a nasty bug.

Also, I managed a little Christmas decorating and crafting! Look at me, Queen of Multi-tasking.

                  After only 3 months, guess what I've finally finished?

My dining room finally has things on the walls. Yippee!! I am so glad, now those hollow echoes will quit chasing me from the room when someone speaks. My neighbor gave me the old window, she has an entire stack of them in her basement and I think she thought I was insane when I asked her if I could have some of them to decorate with. I merely cleaned the glass and added a small ledge on the bottom of it.

I built these shelves not too long ago. These babies are 8 feet long! I love them and they're such a joy to decorate. Here they are, almost ready for Christmas. I think they could use a few more things. And I'm not sure about my garland ala The Nester style. It looks a little anemic in this photo.

Can you see that metal word? I got it at Michael's out of the $1 bin. It was a hideous neon green glittered covered atrocity that my daughter begged me not to buy. I didn't listen, obviously. Brought it home, sanded some glitter off and gave it a coat of Krylon's Brushed Metallic spray paint in Sesame Shimmer. I am so in love with this stuff-you'll see more of it in the following pictures.

Here's another word sign, but this one I left the glitter on and really liked how it turned out. A pleasant surprise. Those metal stars you see are from the Dollar Store. The hydrangeas are clip-ons I got at Big Lots a couple years ago for $0.35 a piece! Talk about a bargain.

Moving on to the kitchen...

While out, I stopped in at Homegoods and picked up the shadow box (it was slightly damaged and they gave me $5 off! Woo-hoo!) I promptly brought it home, took it apart, and started painting and decoupaging. Love how it turned out. And it proudly sets atop my $1.50 Goodwill shelf that I spray painted black.

Did you see this and it's mate in the photo above? Those are black frames that I picked up about 4 years ago at Gabriel Brothers for $1.99 a piece (no my memory isn't that good-they still had the price tag on the back). I took the cheap chipboard picture of an old soda ad, put a ($0.99 cent) piece of craft paper over it with Mod-Podge and hot glued a $1 ornament from the Dollar Store on it. I used Valspar spray paint to paint the frames and distressed them a bit to show the black. Loving them!!

But my favorite thing so far??

My hen!

I've had this wreath so long, I don't know where it's from or how much it cost. I'm guessing cheap, because it hasn't held up well at all. I picked up the hen, plunked the wreath on the tray, sit the hen back down and WOW! the change it made.

Want to see what I've been up to in the renovating department?

That's my kitchen counter and backsplash. That is also only about $32. A can of Valspar's Glossy Black paint, another can of High Shine Poly, and a roll of paintable wallpaper and I have brand spanking new counters and a backsplash. Can't beat that!

Now to conquer my fear of crown molding so I can redo my cabinets. The angles have got me perplexed, but as soon as I figure them out, I'll be sure to show you all.

Oh, and before I left for shopping yesterday evening, I tore down part of a wall to put in a doorway! The hubby is definitely loving that, let me tell you. Now to dig out the reciprocating saw and cut it out. Pictures to follow on that also.

So, what have you been up to?

Monday, October 26, 2009

From Goodwill find to Dog House to TV Cabinet

Here's my $20 Goodwill cabinet. Solid wood construction, except for the laminate top that my youngest quickly divested of its side strips.

Here's Butch who decided it would be best utilized as a dog house.
Sorry Butch, but I've got other plans!

Three coats of Glossy Black by Valspar. A pine top stained a dark walnut. A set of 6 inch legs and a quick rummage for all matching baskets in the house. Definitely not a dog house anymore.

See that bookshelf? It was plain wood and sat right on the floor on the bottom shelf. I bought matching 4 inch legs for it and put a couple coats of the left over paint on it-I think it turned out just as great as the cabinet!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Anyone else remodeling?

Since I've been remodeling the house, I've become addicted to designing/DIY blogs. There are some terrific blogs out there that teach a cheapo like me how to do some amazing things, all without bothering the hubby to help.

I have started redoing my kitchen, well, to be technical, I am finishing my kitchen since it was never actually 100% finished when we moved in 4 years ago. So imagine my delight to see a post on the fabulous Centsational Girl's site today with a chance to win a Price Pfister faucet! 

Hurry over and check it out, you never know, you just might win a terrific new faucet.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finally, the decorating is starting...

Hello, all. Sorry to have been absent for so long. I've been having some health problems and am trying to get that under control. Just a fair warning for everyone, keep an eye on your blood pressure after you hit your mid-30's-it could seriously save your life, take my word for it.

I have finally gotten around to doing a little something with my dining room, though. I had an old dresser that I picked up at a yard sale several years ago. It was a gross black dresser trimmed in gold, but the lines of it struck my fancy and I bought it for $25. I gave it a good cleaning and a couple coats of white paint and when Otis the jealous dog decided to help me out and break one of the drawers I was painting, I decided I needed an open shelf with wicker baskets. He's such a talented designer, that dog.

I think it turned out pretty good, except that I was so anxious to share the pictures, I didn't put the hardware back on!

I swiped this finial from my sister. It was  this dingy gold sparkly stuff and I got creative and turned it into this...

Not to bad, huh. And best of all-FREE!! See those cool decorative orbs? The red fleur de lis and the embossed leather one I found at the dollar store for, you guessed it, $1 each! The twine ones, I made out of some leftover styrofoam balls from a few christmases ago. The wicker ones came in a clearance package of potpourri, that I bought just so I could dig them out.

The rest of the potpourri in a container I've had forever.I have to give a shout out to my talented sister for making this burlap blind for me. I was a genius and washed the burlap first, so she actually had to make it from the ragged and frayed piece of burlap that came out of the dryer. Note to self-NEVER wash unhemmed burlap! I haven't got the hardware to hang it yet, so I folded it lengthwise and draped it over the dresser. I love it so much, I may keep it here.

I bought this cabinet at Goodwill for $20. I plan to redo it - paint it and add some legs for height and I removed the doors and am going to put more baskets in it (because I went through a whole buying wicker basket phase a few years ago and only have a million around here), I think it will work beautifully in either my laundry room or kitchen (I can't decide which)...

someone thinks it's his new house.

I sense a problem here. I really really do.

Flood recovery is going well. Everyone is pitching in to help reseed the yard, I guess I could wait until Butch is distracted with yard work and sneak and work on my cabinet.

And in closing, here's an awesome poster my eldest made for his school's spirit week. Handrawn, isn't that awesome?!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Few Changes Around the House

Last week, my beautiful yard-seen behind my daughter here- went from this lush green lawn with a few toys scattered around it

to this-a desolate flood ravaged scene of destruction
(the water spurting from the fire hose is from the basement of my house-we're still raking mud out of there)

In better news, I got an idea and ran with it and made some changes before the destruction.

After a couple of weeks with power tools-my dining room went from this

to this

another angle of the beforeI love the change

I did get some outlet covers and put them up last night-and I still need to decorate. I got mini-shades for my chandelier that I need to recover and the fabric for my window treatments. But unfortunately, all of that will have to wait until I get the flood cleaned up.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Taking a Profile Picture

I couldn't imagine being an only girl in a family, probably because I had 3 sisters. Can you imagine never having anyone to whisper with about boys? Or arguing with about clothes? Worse, can you imagine being the only girl with 2 brothers? My daughter can relate to that.

My eldest informed her that she needed a new profile picture, the one she had made her look fat (his words, not mine). So she and I tried to get the perfect picture for her profile.

I loved this picture and I told her I loved this picture. But evidently, you cannot have a profile picture featuring a happy teenage girl smiling the prettiest smile in the world. It just isn't done. Perhaps she should have listened to me. Because...

We were being stalked. Slowly and surely, we were being stalked by the bane of every teenage girl's life-

her little brother.

Who just happens to be my baby, and that makes him somewhat attention deprived, as most youngest children are.

She persevered, barely grimacing at first...

begging me to banish him from the room, perhaps the moon she suggested...

that's not a smile, that's her threatening to break his arm while I snap pictures and she's still posing away...

do supermodels put up with these working conditions? Do they keep smiling through the pain of a shoot when all they want to do is slap someone so hard they scream for their mommy?

Do they gently nudge those sharing the spotlight with them into their proper spots?

Do they yell at their photographer when they get no cooperation?

But look, wonder of wonders, the frustration of being the only girl resulted in the perfect angsty profile picture!!!