Thursday, April 17, 2008

Following Up

To follow up my last post, I thought I would give a shout out to the blogs/sites that I regularly haunt.

The first would have to be Wet Noodle Posse for all of their wonderful help. They post the best advice out there for up and coming writers. This past weekend, everything I've been reading at their site just clicked in my brain and I could see where my WIP needed strengthening. If you have any doubts about your story, check them out.

My second stop of the day is Petticoats and Pistols . This one is made up of Western Romance writers and it has the most entertaining posts. This week has featured discussions about modes of transportation and the amount of time each required and toilets. Yes, toilets! They are always a fun stop(er, Petticoats and Pistols, not the toilets ;0)), and I am proud to say that I don't lurk there, I actually post now and then.

Next I check out the happenings at the Lair of the
Romance Bandits . This is a fun blog and you never know what you're going to see, everything from writing tips to eye candy to a chicken fight. Never mind, just check them out.

I follow that up with a visit to Bookends, LLC . This blog is maintained by literary agent Jessica Faust and it always has great posts that benefit the authors out there. And you never know when they will post a contest that can possibly leap an aspiring author over the slush pile and onto their desks.

New to my daily blog hopping is A Place for Originals , which just debuted the week. It looks to be a fun place to hang and I imagine it will only get better as they go along.

And then we have my lurker sites. I always check these out but hardly ever post. Why? I'm not sure really but I am trying to break the habit! Romance Vagabonds , who are doing a Harlequin Historical week, which I am greatly enjoying. Romance Roundtable , which has been fun watching grow in the last several months. Romantic Inks , I've been visiting this one the longest I believe. They always have such interesting things up.

And then there are the personal blogs, which are just too numerous to list, that I visit sporadically throughout the week because if I done it daily, I'd never get any writing completed.

So how about you, where do you go for a good time in the blogosphere? Are you a fellow lurker? Or are you a regular commenter everywhere you visit? If you are, good for you! I want to be more like you ;0)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Moving Ahead

There is so much we writers have to do to ready ourselves for publication, the least of which is writing the phenomal book that an agent or editor will fall madly in love with.

I've been a member of a critique group for over a year. We met during Avon's FanLit writing contest and formed Passions Slaves shortly after it ended. My fellow Slaves are tremendously talented. I've watched as these ladies took an idea and stretched those ideas to become amazing books. Our Louisa was even brave enough to enter the Golden Heart and she finalled with her entry! So in view of this, the Slaves have been preparing themselves for moving ahead with their careers.

Louisa has set up a beautiful website here you must check out.
Marianne set up another beautiful site here/ that you should see.
And I can't forget Erin's classy and elegant site, here.
Gillian and I maintain our blogs, Gillian more faithfully than myself, The Gentle Art of Conversation.

So, readers that happen to be writers, what are you doing to prepare for your career? Want to leave a link and get some interest brewing for your writing? Any published authors that would like to leave a tip for us unpublished hopefuls? Feel free!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What Are You Reading?

I've decided to start a new feature. Once a month, I'll post that title and I'll share what I've just finished reading, what I am currently reading, and what's next on my pile to be read. I figure once a month might be doable. I used to read on an average of a book a day-sometimes two a day. Since I decided to write my own book and pursue it to publication-I'm lucky to read a book a month!

Okay, here's my list as of April 3, 2008:

What I just finished reading- Outlaw Bride by Jenna Kernan.
From the back of the book: Bridget Callaghan was willing to do anything to save her family, stranded in the Cascade Mountains. The only man who could attempt such a treacherous rescue mission was Cole Ellis, but he was behind bars-and condemned to hang!

Bridget's boldness in breaking him out of jail was the jolt Cole needed to give his life purpose again. But with a posse at their heels and and the mountain looming, she couldn't help but wonder if putting her trust in this thouh, life-hardened man wasn't the biggest danger of all...

What I am currently reading-The Seduction of an Unknown Lady by Samantha James
From the back of the book: Seduction is something Fionna Hawkes knows nothing about. So when she encounters a sexy stranger on a moonlit street, her first instinct is to defend herself against her darkly handsome suitor. But letting go of suspicion and allowing herself to fall for Lord Aidan McBride brings even greater danger. In his eyes, she glimpses a powerful passion she longs to fulfill. In his arms, she aches with the secret she longs to unburden. A secret that could cost her her livelihood-and her life.

Aidan could never resist a mystery, especially one as mesmerizing as the lovely Miss Hawkes! Drawing her into the shelter of his embrace, he won't rest until he convinces her to reveal everything. Braving the danger that stalks Fionna at every turn, Aidan is determined to defend her-and just as determined to claim her as his own.

What I am reading next- Ack! I don't have anything lined up next! It's off to Amazon with me.

I want to send a huge congratulations out to my critique partner, Pamela Bolton-Holifield, for her final in the Golden Heart! I am so proud of you, Pam!

Okay, readers, what's your book of the month?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Woohoo, I've been reconnected to Blogger! I am not sure what went wrong and why I've been unable to post, I'm just glad to know that it's over.

Look for a longer post later, if the Blogger higher ups are still smiling on me.