Thursday, April 17, 2008

Following Up

To follow up my last post, I thought I would give a shout out to the blogs/sites that I regularly haunt.

The first would have to be Wet Noodle Posse for all of their wonderful help. They post the best advice out there for up and coming writers. This past weekend, everything I've been reading at their site just clicked in my brain and I could see where my WIP needed strengthening. If you have any doubts about your story, check them out.

My second stop of the day is Petticoats and Pistols . This one is made up of Western Romance writers and it has the most entertaining posts. This week has featured discussions about modes of transportation and the amount of time each required and toilets. Yes, toilets! They are always a fun stop(er, Petticoats and Pistols, not the toilets ;0)), and I am proud to say that I don't lurk there, I actually post now and then.

Next I check out the happenings at the Lair of the
Romance Bandits . This is a fun blog and you never know what you're going to see, everything from writing tips to eye candy to a chicken fight. Never mind, just check them out.

I follow that up with a visit to Bookends, LLC . This blog is maintained by literary agent Jessica Faust and it always has great posts that benefit the authors out there. And you never know when they will post a contest that can possibly leap an aspiring author over the slush pile and onto their desks.

New to my daily blog hopping is A Place for Originals , which just debuted the week. It looks to be a fun place to hang and I imagine it will only get better as they go along.

And then we have my lurker sites. I always check these out but hardly ever post. Why? I'm not sure really but I am trying to break the habit! Romance Vagabonds , who are doing a Harlequin Historical week, which I am greatly enjoying. Romance Roundtable , which has been fun watching grow in the last several months. Romantic Inks , I've been visiting this one the longest I believe. They always have such interesting things up.

And then there are the personal blogs, which are just too numerous to list, that I visit sporadically throughout the week because if I done it daily, I'd never get any writing completed.

So how about you, where do you go for a good time in the blogosphere? Are you a fellow lurker? Or are you a regular commenter everywhere you visit? If you are, good for you! I want to be more like you ;0)


Kelly Krysten said...

Thanks for mentioning our blog Terry! And,yes, our blog will only get
I visit Romance Vagabonds where I occasionally post. Romance Bandits where I post once in a great while. Romance Writers Revenge where I post daily. And, as you said, more personal blogs than I can count!

Mary Danielson said...

Great recs, Terry! I LOVE all of the blogs you've mentioned...and the few I haven't heard of, I'm on my way to visit now! My blog reading style is definitely on the lurker side of things, especially if it's one of the bigger blogs, but if I really love the topic, I'm sure to post a little comment here or there.

And thanks for mentioning our little piece of the blogosphere! I can't wait to find out whom everybody chooses as their all-time favorite original today!

Stephanie J said...

Ha look! It's all three of us Originals posting! :) But I'll third the "thank you" from Mary and Kelly because it's really appreciated! Venturing into the group blog world is fun and yet intimidating because there are so many fun ones out there.

Speaking of, I visit most of the groups that you mention although there are some new ones that I'm not familiar with. I'll be adding them to my list! I'm always up for a good blog.

Kelly Krysten said...

Don't ya mean Grog Stephanie?lol.

Terry Stone said...

Hello, Originals, it's great to see you all here. Sorry to be a day late answering you. I had a funeral yesterday and got distracted.

I guess we've all got great taste in blogs, since we like some of the same ones. I hope you enjoy the ones you aren't familiar with.

My pleasure to mention your great blog! I would happily point anyone in it's direction.

Gillian Layne said...

Great post, Terry Jo!

In addition to all those excellent blogs, I try to hit Manuscript Mavens as often as I can. Those ladies are full of good advice and often have excellent guests.

I also love Jennifer Ashley's blog, Jennifer on Writing. Sometimes inspirational, sometimes all business, she really spells out the nuts and bolts of a writing career in very "user-friendly" terms.

Terry Stone said...

Thank you, Gillian, for recommending those blogs to me. I have visited Manuscript Mavens, of course, but must have lost their addy when I switched my homepages.

I need to remember to click favorites so I can get back to great places when I lose my homepage, which happens way too often.

I have never been on Jennifer's site, I will have to check it out.

Marianne Harden said...

Great post, Terry Jo.....I'm going to add these to my list. Thanks