Friday, February 6, 2009

Have You Read...

I have been a fan of Lorraine Heath's for years. I loved her westerns and when Ms. Heath made the switch to England-based stories, I followed, unhappily. Not because I didn't enjoy the books, but because she was such an awesome western writer. And honestly, although I have all of those books, without going to the shelves and looking at them, I couldn't tell you the name of one of them. But her newest series has totally blown me away! I read the first book, In Bed With the Devil, in two and a half hours. I didn't feed my kids until about 8 o'clock that evening. When they would come to me, complaining of severe hunger pains gnawing at their empty stomachs, I would reply "SHHH! I'm reading". (Sadly, I am not joking).

I finished the book and, with trepidation, let my sister borrow it. That's been MONTHS ago. I've called her, and emailed her, and generally pestered her to death about giving me back my book. It was that good.

My elder son, the 16 year old who's world revolves around his guitar, his girlfriend, and his video games, came to me the other night and says, "Mom, can I buy a book?" My heart jumped with joy and off to Amazon we went. I ordered his book (based on a video game, but hey it's a book!), and really hated to have to pay shipping on one measly book. So I browsed. And what did I find?Between the Devil and Desire!
I was thrilled. THRILLED. I added it to my cart, and then thought, I can't just jump in and read Jack's story without revisiting Luke's, now can I? So, I re-ordered it, checked out and called my sister to tell her 'keep the book' and that she couldn't borrow the new one (I like to gloat, what can I say).

Once again my children were left to scrounge up sandwiches for themselves while I immersed myself into the lives of Feagan's brood of orphans. I was sucked in and could not put the book down until I was finished.

Here are the back blurbs from the books:


They call him the Devil Earl—a scoundrel and accused murderer who grew up on the violent London streets. A proper young lady risks more than her reputation when consorting with the roguishly handsome Lucian Langdon, but Lady Catherine Mabry believes she has no choice. To protect those she loves, she would do anything—even strike a bargain with the devil himself.

Lucian desires respectability and a wife above all else, but the woman of his choosing lacks the social graces to be accepted by the aristocracy. Catherine can help Lucian gain everything he wants. But what she asks for in exchange will put their very lives in jeopardy. When danger closes in, Catherine discovers a man of immense passion and he discovers a woman of immeasurable courage. As secrets from his dark past are revealed, Lucian begins to question everything he knows to be true, including the yearnings of his own heart.


The ladies of the ton won't stop whispering about deliciously wicked Jack Dodger, once a thieving street urchin, now the owner of London's most exclusive gentleman's club. There's no pleasure he hasn't enjoyed, no debauchery the handsome scoundrel won't provide for the lords who flock to his house of carnal intrigue.

London's most virtuous lady, honourable, uncorrupted, and all too human Olivia, Duchess of Lovingdon, would never associate with such a rogue. So when Jack is named sole heir to the duke's personal possessions she is outraged.

Now, Olivia is forced to share her home with this despicable man. Olivia's icy disdain is no match for Jack's charm. She will struggle to bar Jack from her heart, but her body will not let her bar him from her bed

The blurbs absolutely do NOT let you know that these books are full of emotions. Luke must overcome his guilt, his feeling of betrayal, and his sense of duty. Jack has to overcome his childhood, his self hatred, and his feelings of insecurity. These books touch on themes I'm usually not comfortable reading about but I found I didn't mind at all, that it brought a new depth to the characters. Well, I've tried and couldn't find a way to tell you about the stories without giving them away. So take my word for it, these are two books you MUST buy and read!


Gillian Layne said...

I ran to Avon and read the excerpt, which was long and WONDERFUL!, and now I definitely have to get these books!

I don't want give anything away either, but may I say--I love it when an author can write kids without being too "cute". This was awesome!

Terry Stone said...

Gillian, these are the best books! I swear, you won't regret reading them at all. I want to be Lorraine Heath when I grow up!