Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Out There

No joking, it was 3 degrees this morning. Brr. That meant another two hour delay for the kids. Which meant that by the time they climbed into the bus, my dog was wired up. Otis, the dog, and Art, my youngest, cannot be around each other for any extended period of time (think 5 minutes) without a boisterous romp ensuing.

I don't romp. Especially not with a dog half my size. Sometimes, I really miss my little beagle!

Being as I don't romp, and Otis had an excessive amount of energy, I took him on a walk. Outside. In 3 degree weather. While it snowed. Call me crazy, but it was worth it as Otis is now curled up under, well not exactly under my desk but more under my desk and chair. He's a warm wonderful foot rest on chilly mornings. Even if he snores.

Here's some pictures I snapped during our walk, for those of you that are stuck in the warm places in the world. Stephanie.

As we started out (you could tell he was pondering if it was worth it)

Otis staring at. . .

the frozen creek

I love this picture of him with the snow on his nose!

The mountain behind my house (with blue skies peeking through-Hallelujah!)


Gillian Layne said...

Seeing as I don't have to live with three degrees (this week, anyway!), I'll say it's beautiful!!!!

And Otis is a great big boy now! I keep picturing him as a puppy. :) What a sweetie. If we got him and my Brittany Max together it would be pandemonium, I'm sure. Max is SOOOO good for my husband, but just a rambunctious baby with me.

Stephanie J said...

Yes, there are people out there who would kill for that 3 degree weather! I would! I really (almost) would!!

Otis is soooo adorable. I'm fond of that snow on the nose shot as well! :) How fun!

Terry Stone said...

Gillian, I hope you're surviving the ice storm!

Otis and Max together might drive us insane with their antics, but could we manage without them?

When the ice storm hit last night, he came and woke me up so he could go out and investigate that weird sound! But all's good as I got in a good round of writing.

Terry Stone said...

Stephanie, I would gladly give you all of the snow here at the moment, we're at 3+ inches and we have more being forecast. This is the kind of weather that keeps me at home.

Thank you, I think Otis is adorable too, when he isn't chewing things up (he ate a roll of duct tape!!) and leaving me presents on my porch (evidently, he is in a Glenn Close state of mind). Ugh.